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Being engaged in church is about more than attending Sunday services.

We want to be a church unchurched people love to attend. In order to be that kind of church, we need the help of people who share our passion for leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

If you share that passion, you can fully engage in the life of the church by doing four things: Connect, Serve, Invite, and Give.


Growing spiritually doesn't happen when we know what Jesus says. It happens when we apply what he says. Application happens best within the context of community. To grow spiritually, you have to be connected relationally. We think that circles, or Community Groups, are the best way to do this. Groups meet weekly, in homes, to pursue authentic relationships and spiritual growth. We have a variety of groups (men’s, women’s, and married couples) for all ages and stages of life. If you are interested in joining a group, please email info@gulfcommunitychurch.org. Someone will follow up with you.


We believe when people engage in service, it leads to life change. It’s also a great way to begin to get to know others who attend our church. We have a variety of volunteer roles available with our Guest Services, Gulf Kids, and Production Teams. If you are interested in serving, please register HERE, or email info@gulfcommunitychurch.org. Someone will follow up with you.


We believe it's vital that as we become fully engaged in church, we invest in unchurched people in our lives. Jesus doesn't want the church to be an exclusive club. He wants everyone to know him and follow him. That doesn't mean that we treat them as projects. It means that we genuinely care about them, get to know what's happening in their lives, and, when the time is right, invite them to take an appropriate next step toward Jesus. Will you invite a friend, family member, neighbor, or co-worker to experience Gulf Community Church with you? You never know what hangs in the balance of a simple invitation.


At Gulf Community Church, we are 100% funded by the attenders of our church. Your financial support and generosity allow us to create the quality environments that you and your family enjoy on a weekly basis. More importantly, it allows us to create environments where our unchurched friends and neighbors can come and hear the life-changing message of Jesus. We offer two ways to give:

Sunday: Each Sunday, we have a drop-box available in the lobby for you to give.

Online: By visiting this site, you can submit a one-time gift, or set up a schedule for a recurring gift.